Gigi Carter

FEBRUARY 1, 2016: Inclusion Innovates, a diversity, inclusion and collaborative technology consulting firm announced that it will become a sponsor of Mississippi’s first exclusive all-women’s bike racing club, Nunchuck Bunnies. Nunchuck Bunnies is a start-up, co-founded by Leigh Laney and Gigi Carter as a way to promote women in competitive cycling.

"I am extremely excited to support the Nunchuck Bunnies and its women cyclists," said Kevin Carter, the Founder and President of Inclusion Innovates. "Inclusion Innovates wants to be a catalyst that brings diverse people together for innovative results. Nunchuck Bunnies is making the competitive cycling field more diverse by bringing women of various ages and backgrounds to create a shared experience. My wife, Gigi Carter, brought this sponsorship to my attention, and I embraced the opportunity to support the team."

Leigh Laney started her career out racing in triathlons in the 1980s. After a long career in having competed in triathlons, including the World Championship Ironman, Leigh turned her sights to bike racing. She is an avid criterium and time trial racer.

Gigi Carter started her athletic career later in life, shortly after her 40th birthday. Her initial focus was on running, but after being convinced to complete a long distance bike ride in Michigan for a charity (300 miles over 3 days), she started training for the event and became hooked on cycling. She enjoys road races and time trials, particularly long-distance events that test her endurance.

Nunchuck Bunnies is in the process of recruiting racing team members. Once fully staffed, the team expects to compete in races throughout Mississippi and Louisiana, as well as national races. “It can be a struggle in a male-dominated sport, so Nunchuck Bunnies wants to empower and encourage women in all levels of cycling,” said Leigh Laney. “I’m really looking forward to attracting and helping females of all ages, races and nationalities to be a part of this wonderful sport,” said Gigi Carter.

Various women’s events will be planned throughout the year to promote and support Jackson area women cyclists in their racing endeavors. These events will help to connect interested and skilled racers, while empowering women and promoting a healthy lifestyle through cycling.

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