About us

Our mission is to inspire and educate women and girls in the lifelong sport of cycling for health, teamwork and empowerment.

We accomplish this by educating and instructing women and girls in the sport of cycling, and provide them with the fundamental, technical and strategic training to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to compete at a high level in the sport locally, nationally and internationally. We provide a positive, fair, and competitive learning environment, and foster physical, mental and emotional growth through good sportsmanship, character building and teamwork.

Nunchuck Bunnies is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We rely on sponsorships and donations to help support our mission. Contact us at nunchuckbunnies@gmail.com for sponsorship opportunities, or click the button below to make a donation: 


Meet the amazing Nunchuck Bunnies team...

Alison Carey

I remember getting my first bicycle as a kid and my radius of freedom became miles. I have always loved to cycle and first began with my dad, going on rides with him on the weekends. I started racing last year and enjoy the friendships and adventures of the road. My true passion is long distance. An inspirational quote for me is, "you can do anything for thirty seconds!" I am originally from Wyoming but grew up mainly in Texas and have lived in Louisiana for the last four years. 


Denise Mills

I began running in December 1993 at my high school track in Florence, MS. I walked/ran 3 miles and felt horrible when I finished. I had accomplished what I thought I couldn’t and by the next day, I was ready to try it again. Since then, everything I have tried has left me with a little more confidence to try something new. I have done countless 5Ks, 8Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and marathons. As I saw my friends competing in triathlon, I thought it looked fun. I bought my first bike from the Bike Rack in March 2011 and in May finished my first sprint triathlon. By that time I already knew I was afraid of water but had also discovered I didn’t care for cycling either. However, with the help of other triathletes and cyclists, I began to really enjoy the bike portion of triathlon. I have gone on to finish more sprint and Olympic distance triathlons as well as three half Ironmans and two Ironmans. After my second Ironman, I made the decision to focus solely on cycling when I was asked to join Nunchuck Bunnies, Mississippi’s first and only exclusively women’s cycling team. I am honored to be a member of the team and am looking forward to racing with this great group of athletes.


Heather Nelson

I started bicycling a few years ago with my husband Eric to cross train for our sport at the time, motocross, we were enjoying cycling, but both wanted to get faster, so we looked up some local rides, joined in, and got dropped, quick. That did it! We wanted to get faster and faster and faster! Before we knew it, we had sold our dirt bikes to upgrade our road bikes, and then someone challenged us to try mountain biking for the winter! Boom! Fell in love again! It quickly escalated and now I enjoy racing both mountain bikes as a cat 1 and road bikes as cat 3, I'm looking forward to training hard this off season and coming back stronger! I am especially passionate about encouraging women and kiddos to hop on a bike and try it, I have learned there is an intimidation factor that a lot of women deal with, and I do my best to be encouraging and kind, rather racing my heart out, or leading a group trail ride, it cost nothing to teach, encourage and be nice. I love life and people and each second I'm blessed with and I am uber super excited to be a part of these phenomenal women known as the nunchuck bunnies! What an awesome honor! 


Maddie MacGown

I'm a junior on nunchuck bunnies racing team and I podium'd at Pensacola Classic bike race a few times. I'm 12 years old and a few years ago I quit competitive cheerleading to focus on competitive bike racing. When I'm not training or in school, I enjoy playing with my newfoundland dogs (Belle and Nash), and teasing my older sister, Gracie. I aspire to be a teacher when I grow up and will be attending Mississippi State in 2025.


Shelbi Fields

I'm also a junior teammate and I love racing mountain bikes. I completed dozens of races and more recently came in first place at McGee Lungbuster, Charlotte's Revenge, and at the AMBCS State Championship races in 2018. In addition to racing, I love painting my nails pink and black to match my race kit. 


Rebecca Walley


I am the senior member of the team. I competed 20 years as a singles tennis player and took up cycling to have an easy paced side sport. The only problem was that I didn’t like being passed so I was constantly chasing riders and getting faster. This past year I competed in 2 Senior Olympics races and won my age division. I am excited to be a part of the Nunchuck Bunnies team and am looking forward to racing and improving my cycling skills.


Gigi Carter


I started my athletic career later in life, shortly after my 40th birthday.  My initial focus was on running, but after being convinced by a coworker to complete a long distance bike ride in Michigan for a charity (300 miles over 3 days), I hired a coach and started training for the event.  It wasn't too long after my first "long" ride that I became hooked on cycling. I enjoy road races and time trials, particularly long-distance events that test my endurance.